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original television pilots

Hilltop Castle

A young and defiant princess must lead her kingdom after the disappearance of the king, while her melodramatic family and ruthless in-laws fight for power.

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Outside the School


A self-proclaimed wall-flower and workaholic finds herself living above an aspiring and very enthusiastic rock band at her university.

short stories

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

The Origin -- a retelling of the story of Medusa..

Comedian on Stage

Prime Time -- It's Connor's first performance at the club, but things don't go as planned.

College Campus

Snarky and Judgmental -- the story of Molly's rocky start to college. 

*This piece was published in the Penn State literary journal, Kalliope.


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Busy Street

Your Average Americans

When three female assassins abandon their line of work, re-entering society is harder than it seems.