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LGBT+ Representation in Media

When the movie, Happiest Season, was announced fans were ecstatic about the notion of the classic Hallmark-style Christmas movie with LGBT+ representation. However, the trailer revealed that the plot of Happiest Season centers around coming out.

Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis are holiday lovebirds in ‘Happiest Season’ trailer (

Movies like these are necessary to slowly enact change for the betterment of LGBT+ people. However, I believe that we can be more creative.

Happiest Season - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

The Old Guard and Inclusivity

This semester at school has been very difficult for me, and to cope with increased anxiety and stress, I watch movies. Most recently, I sat down to what I believed would be a standard, action flick with little character development and lots of explosions. And that was somewhat accurate, but the movie The Old Guard gave much more for their audience to think about.

When I look at LGBT+ representation in media, I often think of either blink and you'll miss it representation (Star Wars, Rise of Skywalker), or of gay-coded villains (like Moriarity in the television show, Sherlock).

Rise of Skywalker - Lesbian Kissing Scene - Star Wars

But in The Old Guard (directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood), I saw the most representation I have ever seen in an action movie, and it proves that not every story needs to be about coming out to be inclusive.

The movie centers around a group of four immortals to discover a new member and of the five main characters, two are proven to be LGBT+ and another two are highly rumored to be in a relationship as well. The way that the two characters' relationship is shown to the audience is revolutionary, to put it mildly.

No character "comes out" to anyone. The characters, Joe and Nicky, are gay. That's that. As a lesbian, I struggled for a long time with the idea of coming out. To me, it seemed like there wasn't anything for me to do. I am who I am. Nothing has changed. And for the first time in my life, I saw that portrayed in this movie.

I am ecstatic to watch the movie, Happiest Season. However, I wish that coming out was built up to be such a huge moment in the media. In reality, coming out should be as simple as saying, "This is the love of my life," and nothing else.

Check out the scene below that lives in my head rent-free, from The Old Guard.

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